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Name:Michael Biehn Fan Community
Website:PHOENIX - Michael Biehn Archive
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Michael Biehn
This community is for fans of Michael Biehn to share fiction, artwork and discussion about Michael Biehn and the roles he has played on TV and in movies.

Community Rules:

Just a few ground rules that I hope all members will adhere to - otherwise I will have to use the moderator fist of doom and nobody wants to see that!

1. This community is for sharing fiction, art and discussion centered around MICHAEL BIEHN (MB) or a character he has portrayed. Please DON'T post entries where the Michael Biehn is just a peripheral mention or I will be very, very, VERY cross and will have to shake the fist of doom.

2. Please try to remember to use the SUBJECT line. Start with the following to make life easier for the rest of us!

3. FICTION: All genres and ratings are allowed so please use the TAGS...and please add the following information to the visible portion of your post (as applicable):

TV/Film or MB Character:
Rating: (PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Warnings: (slash, het, violence, swearing, bdsm etc)
Pairings: (if applicable - eg Chris/Vin)

4. IMAGES (including artwork): please give a RATING and/or WARNING for adult content in the visible portion of the post i.e. outside of the CUT.

5. Talking of which... please use the lj-cut tag around the actual story, discussion or artwork - see the LJ FAQs if you are uncertain how this is done. It will stop you being cussed by people checking out their friend's list, especially on mobile phones or sneaking online at work!

6. PLEASE support your writers, artists and those who share information! Leave a comment so they know they are appreciated or they might not be bothered to post another time!

7. Play nice with each other and REMEMBER... We're all here to get away from the horrors of our daily lives so don't bring those horrors onto this community no matter how tempting it might be! Basically, if it is OFF-TOPIC then PLEASE DON'T POST IT!. You have your own private journals for those posts.

8. Lastly... HAVE FUN!

Interests (35):

adventure inc, aliens, american dragons, borderline, cherry falls, chris larabee, chris/buck, chris/ezra, chris/mary, chris/sarah, chris/vin, dwayne hicks, hawaii, hiram coffey, jade, judson cross, k2 the ultimate high, kyle reese, kyle/sarah, mag7, marcus/kyle, navy seals, ripley/hicks, sean harrison, silver wolf, terminator, the abyss, the divide, the fan, the magnificent seven, the rock, the victim, timebomb, tombstone, zuma beach
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